Our Vision

Egg N’ Curry, established by two brothers, specializes in Indian style egg dishes. As first generation Indian-Americans, we frequently visited India with our parents, who aimed to immerse us in the Indian culture. During these trips, we quickly fell in love with the late-night street food scene – which is the root & inspiration of our restaurant. R.K. Eggs in Ahmedabad, India was by far our favorite street cart.

Growing up in Charlotte, we quickly realized the lack of restaurants offering Indian street foods (especially egg items). Missing our favorite dishes, we were inspired to bring Indian style eggs to the Charlotte community. We offer a variety of popular egg items found across India. Whether you are looking for eggs cooked with flavorful gravies, mouthwatering sandwiches, or delicious rice – we have you covered! We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a unique blend of spices in every meal. If eggs just aren’t your thing, we’re inclusive! We also offer a wide selection of vegetarian and chicken based items.

Our goal is to pass down the heritage of Indian street food one egg at a time. We look forward to serving you and your family. Stop by and experience the egg-citement!



  • Tues – Sun:   12 – 3:00PM
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* Closed on Monday